Codicils to Wills

Remember Your Church in Your Will:


In order to facilitate church members to remember their church in their will, we are pleased to provide codicils that can be simply filled out and attached to their Last Will and Testament. There is one file for married individuals, one for single individuals and a guide as to how to fill out the form.

Codicil-married   individuals
Codicil-single      individuals

Gifting Stock to the Church


If you wish to make a contribution to the church by contributing stock, click on the following link for instructions and a simple “fill-in” form. You may be eligible to take this gift, at current market value, as a tax deduction without recognizing capital gains. Check with your tax advisor if you are not certain about your particular situation in this regard.


“Stock Gift To Church”


Note: copies of these forms are also available on the literature rack in the church.



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