May 9 – June 27


Sunday, May 16, we begin the first lesson in our study of Ezra-Nehemiah:  “The God of Heaven and Earth Demonstrates His Sovereign Authority over Pagan Kings.”  In preparation for class discussion, read Ezra 1:1-4:24 guided by the accompanying worksheet.  Please call the church office if you don’t have the study guide and would like us to order it for you.


This study is both challenging and instructive as we will study together the important source of history for the post-exilic Judah following their 70-year captivity and exile under the Babylonian Empire.  Just when one would conclude that Israel’s days were over, God worked through nations and individuals to restore Jerusalem. the ultimate symbol of Israel’s national and religious identity – through the rebuilding of the temple, the restoring of the wall and the renewing of fidelity to the Law – resulting in repentance and spiritual reform.  See how God kept His promises to the Children of Israel then – and how He works in the lives of His people now.